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The effect of silica purity

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For some time people clear understanding of the contemporary low cement castable to precisely control the process of subsidence, it is by the influence of silicon powder chemical purity is very large [6]. The purity of silicon micropowder and its effect on low cement casting system are very important in the development of durable pouring materials. The influence of low purity silica dust on the flow and sedimentation of the controlled castings is shown below. These silicon ash are added together to a recipe in the moto stone padded formulation using the fast cement (ca-14w), a type of slow setting cement (CA - 14S). The biggest difference between the three levels of silicon micropowder is their chemical purity, which varies from relatively low (94% SiO2) to relatively high (> 98%). It is interesting to note that the dispersion of alumina can overcome the adverse effects of low pure silica micropowder on settlement and flow behavior. Also noted that even if the purity of silicon powder are lower on the sedimentation and flow characteristics of castable has a great influence, it also can be overcome by correct selection and use of the dispersion of alumina cement.
The production process of 70% aluminate cement was improved, and the development of cement clinker was closely controlled. The precise control of cement performance is very important for the use of these cement in the modern high performance refractory. In particular, the control of sedimentation and flow characteristics promoted the development of high-flow castings. Stable cement quality and dispersing alumina make the formula flexible enough to overcome the contradictions of other raw materials such as low purity silicon.

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